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Gain the flexibility of recovering to a specific virtual machine, specific point in time, or even whole cloud environments - all with just one-click.


AURO Cloud System

Feel confident knowing your OpenStack deployment is safely backed up with AURO Backups Powered by Trilio. This non-disruptive backup system is fully integrated with OpenStack and requires little to no central IT administration. Snapshots of your data allow you to easily recover your whole cloud deployments when worst case scenario strikes or gives you the option to selectively restore virtual machines.

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Non-disruptive backup

Schedule automated incremental backups on a pre-defined or on-demand basis, capturing changed blocks of workloads.

One-click restore

Easily recover to a specific point-in-time, specific virtual machines, or recover whole cloud environments with just one-click.


Forever scalable, AURO Backups will grow as you grow with no performance degradation.

Compliance and privacy

AURO’s backup services are in accordance with Canada’s strict compliance programs ensuring that your privacy requirements are met.

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AURO Cloud Computing expands support to include Managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Canadian Cloud Leader AURO adds Managed AWS services to provide a hyper cloud solution compliant with Canadian data privacy laws. These offerings allows customers to receive a customized AWS support solution, fulfilling both their infrastructure requirements and business goals.

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